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Raigarh Livelihood College
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Contact Address - Raigarh Livelihood College, Near TV Tower, Chote Atarmuda, Raigarh, Chhattisgarh Pin Code - 496001

OP Jindal Community College is proud to be the official training partner of RLC. Chief Minister Chhattisgarh State Dr. Ramen Singh launched RLC in Raigarh city this year in April 2015. It is the first of its kind, all women's vocational skills development, residential college dedicated to empowering young women in the region and equipping them with the requisite technical and soft skills needed for employment in India and abroad.

The inaugural batches included over 60, 10+2 women enrolled in a hospitality certificate programme titled Front office cum Receptionist. Programme offerings have expanded to include domestic household services, plumbing, and security guard education, training, job placement and monitoring.

RLC evolved out of OPJCC's award-winning, signature empowerment programme titled "Aparajita" (meaning undefeated in Hindi), where over 400 skilled, competent trained women are now gainfully employed since 2013. RLC is now the hub for all OPJCC training programmes for women. Training venues may vary from OPJCC's Construction Training Center and colleges, rural villages, and now RLC itself. The goal of RLC activities is simple: To make high quality, comprehensive technical vocational training and education accessible to one of India's most vulnerable populations -- rural women -- to improve quality of life indicators, employability, and sustainable livelihood creation.

RLC is a growing model of effective public-private partnership for skilling India's school drop-outs to the educated yet unemployable. OPJCC works collaboratively with local and state governments and other stakeholders to prepare job-ready, competent women pass outs.

Helping women help themselves is a key tenet whereby all RLC students complete modules in multiple skills from communication, computer literacy, applied maths, character development, self-defense, personal health and nutrition, population stabilisation, labour laws with an emphasis on those focused on gender and sexual harassment, and career development. Ample time is given to understand and apply newly acquired skills to build women's confidence and competencies.

Training methodologies vary to ensure that every student, regardless of her socioeconomic background or prior educational experiences, has the opportunity to learn and develop relevant marketable skills. Industry visits demystify formal workplaces, highlight work ethics and implicit values, and better prepare women for a seamless transition from learning to earning.

OPJCC trained instructors and counselors work with students and their families to identify resources and nurture support systems vital to securing and being retained in employment, as well as in forming self-help-groups to compete for local work contracts.

RLC participants range from 18 to 35 years of age and are currently coming from villages of Chhattisgarh and nearby Odisha. RLC often represents the first time many of them have lived outside of their homes. Live-in staff and wardens along with security guards ensure round-the-clock care, and are available to impart holistic development, be it social, emotional, recreational, and economic. Earn while learning programmes are organised for toppers as a vehicle to cultivate and highlight excellence.

Robust women's development programmes can be found at OPJCC Punjipathra and Barbil locations.

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