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All OPJCC students are expected to abide by the Student Code of Conduct. The Code was established to regulate and ensure that the college’s environment is conducive to learning for all students.  Rules and regulations are also intended to prepare students for similar expectations of most formal workplace settings.  Non-adherence to the rules will not be accepted and will be appropriately dealt with.  Decisions of the management will be final and binding on all students found in violation of the Code.  The administrative officers as well as the principal have been empowered to take suitable action/levy fines against students violating the Code.  The fines thus collected will go to the Students’ Welfare Fund.

Student Rules and Regulations

  • Students must be seated in classrooms 5 minutes prior to the start of classes
  • Construction skills students must be in workshops 5 minutes prior to the start of classes
  • Student will not be allowed to enter the class/workshop once class begins
  • Students must ask permission from the instructor to leave while the classroom/workshop is in session
  • Students must be present in all class sessions scheduled for the day, failing which such students will be marked absent for the day 
  • Students must keep classrooms neat and clean
  • Students should wear regulation uniform and shoes once issued. Students not adhering to the dress code will not be allowed in class and will be marked absent for that day
  • No student should loiter in the halls when classes are in progress
  • College-issued I-Cards are to be worn around the neck by each student at all times while at school and during all school-related activities. Students will be fined Rs 25/- for lost I-Cards
  • All mobiles and communication devices, if any, must be switched off while on campus. Students found using their mobiles/communication devices during class or on campus will have the said devices confiscated for return at the end of the day
  • All students are required to maintain standards of good hygiene at all times
  • Students must report to the Principal/Group Instructor any illegal activity or unacceptable behavior witnessed on campus


  •  All students are required to maintain a minimum attendance of 80% in each course/program, failing which they will not be entitled for marks assigned for attendance. Such students will not be considered for job placements
  • Co-curricular activities like sports activities will not be considered as an excuse for absence, unless otherwise permitted by the management
  • Parents of any student absent from classes for more than 5 consecutive days will be informed in writing and may be required to come and meet the management of the college
  • Any student found availing leave for invalid reasons shall be levied a fine of Rs. 50/- for each day of such absence
  • In case a student has a history of any medical disorder/ailments, the same must be brought to the notice of management in writing at the time of admission. No absence for such reasons will be entertained at a later date
  • There is no concept of vacations during festivals. Students and parents are advised not to approach management for the same
  • Attendance will be taken daily
  • Students are to request leave in advance from the Principal.  For an emergency or unexpected situation, the student is to report to the Principal upon his/her return to seek a retroactive approval of absence

Punishable Offenses

  • Posting notices, pictures or any papers on college property
  • Making noise and disturbing classes, meetings, office procedures, and other college activities
  • Disrespect or discourtesy to guests, instructors, and office staff
  • Late payment of tuition fee and other dues
  • Eating in class

First offense – Warning and Rs.25/- Fine, Second offense – 3-Day Suspension and Fine

  • Bringing alcohol on college property
  • Smoking and chewing of pan masala/tobacco
  • Chewing gum
  • Cheating on exams
  • Writing graffiti on the walls of the campus, chairs and tables
  • Littering and causing any kind of damage to college property, library books, computers, benches, and machinery
  • Using college telephones or fax machines without permission
  • Selling of any unauthorized goods or services on college property

First offense – Rs. 50/- Fine, Second offense – 3-Day Suspension

  • Ragging in any form within or outside the campus.
  • Gambling on campus or at any college function.
  • Using, selling, or distributing any type of drugs.
  • Possessing any weapons or dangerous chemicals or explosive elements.
  • Theft or attempted theft of college property.
  • Unauthorized entry to or use of college facilities.
  • Any threat, real or fraudulent against the safety of the college, its students, faculty, staff, and physical plant
  • Expulsion from the college

    Disciplinary Procedures

  • Any student who has been given official warnings twice or has been suspended once will not be eligible for campus placements
  • A disciplinary review may be conducted for each offense
  • Students will receive written notification of the offense/violation and penalty which is to be paid within 7 days of receipt of the said letter
  • Students may make an appeal to a panel comprising the Principal, two college instructors, and a college student.  A staff member or college administrator may replace one of the instructors
  • Students may appeal the decision of the panel to the Director, OPJCC for adjudication
  • Disputes thereafter may be submitted for arbitration for which both the parties, i.e., OPJCC and the student, shall nominate a common arbitrator from the college’s jurisdiction only
  • The Principal and/or Director are empowered to impose fines for misconduct on any student as and when warranted and justified. The fines so collected will be utilized for students’ welfare activities
  • Parents of students who have been major defaulters on discipline will be called to the college
  • Rules of the college can and will be changed at appropriate times keeping in view the best interest of students and of OPJCC
  • On admission, each student will review and sign a copy of the Student Code of Conduct in acceptance thereof
Student Code of Counduct