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OPJCC offers career development and job placement assistance to learners.  They are prepared for job interviews and learn interview etiquette. Understanding career pathways is a key outcome of this student service.

Examples of recent job placements include:

COPA: Fourth Axis, Andromeda Marketing Pvt. Ltd.,  Aditya Birla (BPO), Indu Motor, Apex Computer, NIIT, Goa Mines, ESSEL, Postal Dept, Self-Employed.  WELDER: Cumines Generator Technology, USR Tyres Pvt. Ltd., Sarada Mines, JSPL, Kalinga Iron Works, Self Employed.  MASON: USR Tyres Pvt. Ltd.  PLUMBER: USR Tyres Pvt. Ltd., Agrasen Medical College Haryana, JSPL Godda, OMDC.  CARPENTER: OPJCC Barbil, Odisha, Self-Employed.  FITTER: ESSEL, Tata Steel, Arya Steel, Sharma and Company SSD.  HEMM: Utkal Auto Mobile, Goa Mines, Rungta Mines, Self- Employed, Hero Com. Ltd., Glob Automobiles, Aakash Motors, Ramgaharia Motors, Anjali Automobiles.  TURNER: Odisha  Engg., Sarada Mines, Tata Steel, Deepak Steel, Sarada Engg., Self-Employed. ELECTRICIAN: Agrasen Medical College, Hisar, Telemach Ranchi, JPL Tamnar.  RFP: Nalwa

Success Stories
Baijnath Saav from Malda trained as a mason.   He says, "The training imparted was very useful and has made me determined to earn a living for myself. The youth from my village will also benefit from this training and be able to support themselves. I wish to thank the Jindal Group for this wonderful initiative."
Shiv Charan Satnami, a bar bender who passed out in 2012, was so impressed and happy with the skills he has learned during his training that he is now telling people in his village to enroll  at OPJCC and become skilled workers.
Bhagirathi Sidar from Gorkha and Chabilal Chauhan from Danaut trained as carpenters and now work in maintenance at OP Jindal Institute of Technology. They have gained a lot of knowledge in this field of work, are happy about their new skill-sets and have more confidence than ever before in themselves and their work. Chabilal Chauhan says, "I found the training to be very useful and learned some very important skills that will stay with me and help me make a living."
Michael Toppo from Jaspur and Ajay Kumar Hota from Amlidi trained as bar benders. They are both now working under a contractor at a construction site. Michael says, "I am very happy with the training I was given at OPJCC. I learned a lot and am now getting a chance to do some real good work." Ajay echoes his words, adding that he has already encouraged some youngsters from his village to join the vocational training courses at OPJCC.
Tij Ram Yadav is a plumber from Bhagwanpur who did his initial training at OPJCC. He now works mostly in and around his village doing all the plumbing-related work there. "I am confident now that I can earn a living for myself with all the skills I have learned during my training at OPJCC."

The following services distinguish OPJCC from among other training providers.  These services subscribe to the tenets of community colleges globally, including:


  •  Free Hostels
  •  Subsidized Transportation Facility
  •  Mobile/satellite training in villages, taking the college to the community


  •  Stipends & Scholarships
  •  Opportunities to Earn While Learning
  •  Government training schemes, stipends, and insurance, e.g. PMKVY, BOCWW
  •  Subsidized & Free Meals

Context-relevant Responsiveness

  •  Free Medical Exams and Services
  •  Personal Health, Nutrition & Safety Education  
  •  Literacy & Numeracy Education
  •  Computer Literacy
  •  Leadership Development
  •  Understanding Personal Values & Workplace Norms
  •  Self-Help Group Support
  •  Gender Sensitization
  •  Self Defense for Women
  •  Personal & Group Counseling, e.g. de-addiction, recovery from alcoholism, anger management, etc.

Job Placement

  •  After-Care Support post Placement
  •  3-6-9- Month Tracing
  •  Transitioning & Migration Counseling
  •  Small Business Incubator Cells
  •  Resume Writing & Interview Preparation


  •  Short-term courses
  •  Part-time courses
  •  Courses from NSQF levels 1-5
  •  Life-long learning options/Continuing Education